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A 48 years old man from Salem Oregon named Kirk Alexander was a huge fan of pizza. Every day, he has been eating Domino’s Pizza for about a decade. The staff of Domino’s Pizza, where Alexander always ordered a pizza were shocked when suddenly he stopped ordering a pizza.

A Regular

Alexander ordered pizza regularly, according to the general manager at Domino’s Pizza, Sarah Fuller. They always knew that Alexander ordered because his name was shown on the screen whenever Alexander orders online.


Rober Lalonde was one of his neighbors who is living just across the street of his house. Rober told that some of Alexander’s neighbors, including him, would knock on Alexander’s door, but he rarely answered.

Good Guy

According to another neighbor of Alexander, Ben Theodoriches, that Alexander was a reasonably decent person just somewhat distant from all. Alexander visits Ben’s house a handful of times and even helped him fix their computer, and according to Ben, “He was actually good at it.”

Very Familiar

It was almost every day when Alexander ordered a pizza. Sarah said Alexander was very comfortable when it comes to familiarity, and he knows their driver quite well because he is chatting to them at the door.

11 Days With No Order

They suddenly stopped receiving orders from Kirk for a couple of days, which left them with a negative feeling about it. Initially, they figured Alex might have taken a vacation off, or maybe meeting his family and friend, or being sent on a business trip by his company.

A Friend To The Employees

A few of the delivery men have started to realize that as days passed, Alexander hadn’t put an order for quite some period now and even asked Sarah about it. Sarah found out that it was 11 days since Kirk last ordered pizza upon checking the delivery records.

Enjoyed Each Item

Sarah knew straight away that something might be wrong with Alexander since it has been 11 days since he last ordered pizza. For years Kirk has always been a regular customer to them, which is why the team knew him well and felt sure of him as a friendly, nice, and quiet man. Fuller said they knew him since he always orders

A Drive-By

According to the team, Kirk was not just their friend, but to them, it was like a family. The team knows him so well that they do know it is not going to be that long if he were to take a holiday. Might it be that he was exhausted from Domino’s and tried ordering from a different pizza place?


Kirk orders different items from their food selection. He would order the same thing, but also try other items on their menu. What he would order probably depends on his craving for the day. Nonetheless, it was evident how he enjoys the food that’s being served by Domino’s. Being a regular, the staff of the branch also recognizes him as a loyal customer.

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