If You Have This Dish In Your Kitchen, Get Rid Of It Straight Away

Forget the living room or even the bedroom: the kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. After all, we make a lot of precious memories there, cooking, eating, and sharing valuable time with our loved ones. On top of that, the kitchen may also be filled with meaningful hand-me-downs – prized crockery, […]

Can we Guess Which Three Foods You Hate The Most !!

First Choice A 48 years old man from Salem Oregon named Kirk Alexander was a huge fan of pizza. Every day, he has been eating Domino’s Pizza for about a decade. The staff of Domino’s Pizza, where Alexander always ordered a pizza were shocked when suddenly he stopped ordering a pizza. A Regular Alexander ordered […]

24 Celebrities I Never Realized Use Stage Names

1. Lucy Hale Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images Real name: Karen Lucille Hale Who would’ve thought Lucy Hale is actually a Karen??? 2. Travis Scott Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images Real name: Jacques Berman Webster II Travis Scott totally sounds like it could be someone’s actual name, so I’m letting myself off the hook on this one. 3. Nina […]

Why Is Everybody In Peterborough Rushing To Get This $89 AC Unit?

LifeStyle & Tech The national weather services are reporting that it is going to be a SUPER HOT SUMMER, maybe one of the hottest for decades. Are you prepared? 2.8kShares  845  201  258  1k Traditional Air Conditioners are outdated. They are expensive, noisy, dangerous to clean and cost a fortune in electricity. AND you can’t […]

Archaeologists Opened Ancient Roman Eggs And Were Horrified By The Contents

What archaeologists have found in this part of England is almost impossible to comprehend. Astonishingly, they’ve somehow managed to unearth four 1,700-year-old chicken eggs. But as the group tries to carefully extract each egg from the soil, the fragile finds can’t handle the pressure. And as the shells crack open, the excavation team gets yet […]


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